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Evaluation of Two Instrumental Methods of Comparing Writing Paper


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Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D.
Physics & Ballistics Division
State Forensic Science Laboratory, H. P.
Junga, Shimla


Abstract:  An organization had approved the sample of writing paper, and accordingly the supplier had to execute the supply. The supply received was suspected to be of different quality from approved one. The organization sent the samples for comparison to the Forensic Science Laboratory. Both the approved and supplied samples were compared using Tensile Testing Method with the Material Testing Machine and Fluorescence and spectral analysis using the Video Spectral Comparator (VSC2000). The difference between the mean loads at peak before rupture in the tensile testing mode for the two samples was about 33%. The two samples differed significantly in terms of UV fluorescence, and there was about 5% average difference in the percentage of maximum reflected intensity in the wavelength region of 400–900 nm. It has been observed in this study that these two methods can adequately distinguish paper samples of different origin.