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Analysis of Enamel Rod End Patterns on Tooth Surface for Personal Identification—Ameloglyphics


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Krishnappa Manjunath, M.D.S.
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Vishnu Dental College
Bhimavaram, 534202
Andhra Pradesh


Abstract:  Ameloglyphics is the study of enamel rod end patterns on a tooth surface. Our aim was to study the in vivo analysis of enamel rod end patterns on tooth surfaces for personal identification. In this study, the maxillary left canine and 1st premolar of 30 men and 30 women were included. The cellulose acetate peel technique was used to record enamel rod endings on tooth surfaces. Photomicrographs of the acetate peel imprint were subjected to VeriFinger Standard SDK v5.0 software for obtaining enamel rod end patterns. All 120 enamel rod end patterns were subjected to visual analysis and biometric analysis. Biometric analysis revealed that the enamel rod end pattern is unique for each tooth in an individual. It shows both intra- and interindividual variation. Enamel rod end patterns were unique between the male and female subjects. Visual analysis showed that wavy branched subpattern was the predominant subpattern observed among examined teeth. Hence, ameloglyphics is a reliable technique for personal identification.