• forensic science;
  • forensic biology;
  • sexual assault;
  • spermatozoa;
  • automation;
  • KPICS SpermFinder™

Abstract:  Microscopic analysis for the identification of spermatozoa is commonly performed during the forensic examination of sexual assault evidence. Two widely utilized methods for the confirmation of the presence of spermatozoa are visualization of the cells via phase-contrast microscopy with wet mounted samples and bright field microscopy with histologically stained samples. The KPICS SpermFinder™ by NicheVision Forensics, LLC accelerates this time-consuming process via an automated microscope with an algorithm designed to locate spermatozoa on a Christmas tree histologically stained microscope slide. Upon a qualified scientist’s review of the generated data, the KPICS SpermFinder™ was able to locate spermatozoa, typically finding on average 106.28% ± 115.37% more spermatozoa than with manual examinations. The KPICS SpermFinder™ provided the location of identified cells with reproducible results.