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Facial Soft Tissue Thickness Database for Craniofacial Reconstruction in Korean Adults


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Caroline M. Wilkinson, Ph.D.
Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification
College of Life Sciences
University of Dundee
Dow Street
Dundee DD1 5EH


Abstract:  One hundred Korean adults (50 men, 50 women) were scanned in the upright position using a cone-beam CT (CBCT) scanner. The soft tissue (ST) thicknesses were measured at 31 landmarks, 10 midline and 21 bilateral landmark sites, and the means and standard deviations were obtained for male and female subjects. While 18 of 31 landmarks showed sex differences, the majority showed higher values for male subjects with the exception of a few landmark sites corresponding to the zygoma area, which showed smaller values in men than in women. The mandibular area showed greater differences between the right and left sides. Overall, the ST thickness measurements obtained in this study can be used as a database for the forensic craniofacial reconstruction of Korean adult faces.