Figure S1. Drawings of significant correlations between environmental clines and traits of wild adults, seeds, and seedlings.

Table S1. Sampled species and populations, sample sizes for adults in the wild and common garden seedlings (J = Jonaskop garden, K = Kirstenbosch garden), locality name, latitude, longitude, rainfall, and elevation.

Table S2. Regression coefficients from multiple regressions on traits of plants measured in the wild and in the Kirstenbosch and Jonaskop common gardens.

Appendix S1. Description of the suite of GIS climate layers from the South African Atlas of Climatology and Agrohydrology (Schulze 2007) used to create the climate axes PPTCON, DRYPCA and COLDPCA.

Appendix S2. Details of the single hierarchical Bayesian model that we used to estimate local selection gradients and their relationships to the four environmental covariates.

Appendix S3. Methods and equations for calculating standardised selection gradients and differentials within each garden, including details on the method adapted from Janzen and Stern (1998) to convert logistic regression coefficients to selection gradients.

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