Table S1. Sequence length ranges of regions sequenced for this study.

Table S2a. Phallomycetidae dataset specimen Genbank ID numbers.

Table S2b. Lycoperdaceae dataset 25S Genbank ID numbers.

Table S2c. Boletales dataset from Binder and Hibbett (2006).

Table S3a. Taxonomic sampling of the Sclerodermatineae.

Table S3b. Taxonomic sampling of the Boletales (Binder and Hibbett 2006).

Table S3c. Taxonomic sampling of the Phallomycetidae (Hosaka, Bates et al. 2006).

Table S3d. Taxonomic sampling of the Lycoperdaceae sensu Larsson and Jeppson (2008).

Appendix S1. Testing convergence of parameters from BiSSE MCMC analyses.

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