Table S1. Individual genotypes at 13 X-linked SNPs at localities across the Czech house mouse hybrid zone (Excel file).

Table S2. Allele frequencies of 13 SNPs across the Czech hybrid zone (Excel file).

Table S3. Maximum-likelihood estimates of cline parameters based on the BMF and AMF search scenarios for the Czech and Bavarian transects (Excel file).

Figure S1. Distribution of M. m. musculus allele frequencies (ordinate) plotted against the distance in kilometers along the transect (abscissa) for 13 X-linked loci in the Czech (left panels) and Bavarian (right panels) transects.

Figure S2. Jackknife values obtained for 13 X-linked loci in the Czech (left panels) and Bavarian (right panels) transects using BMF. Cline widths (abscissa) are plotted against corresponding maximum likelihood values (ordinate). Estimates resulting from the full dataset (66 and 31 localities from the Czech and Bavarian transect, respectively) are also shown for the BMF (red symbol), AMF1 (green symbol), and AMF100 (blue symbol) scenarios; see text for explanation of the searching scenarios.

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