Figure S1. The mean viability of Control (solid line) and Selection (dashed line) MA lines each generation (generation 3 through 25).

Figure S2. Line mean correlations among productivity assays.

Figure S3. Mean (± SE) number of male and female offspring produced by individual Control females mated to unrelated Control or Selection males.

Table S1. Estimates (95% Bayesian CI) of male mating success among (VB) and within (VE) MA line variances and mean without (Control) and with (Selection) sexual selection on males, assayed at six time points.

Table S2. Estimates (95% Bayesian CI) of productivity among (VB) and within (VE) MA line variances and mean, assayed after 26 generations of mutation accumulation without (Control) and with (Selection) sexual selection on males.

Table S3. Pairwise correlations between estimates of male mating success for Control and Selection lines in generations 3, 7,11, and 23 (G3, G7, G11, G23) and 20 (G20), where Control (C) or Selection (S) line females chose.

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