Figure S1. Maps showing the known occurrences for taxa sampled for variation estimates but not shown in Figure 4.

Figure S2. Plots showing size-standardized variation against potential sampling biases.

Figure S3. Rarefaction plots.

Table S1. Collections that yielded specimens for variation estimates.

Table S2. Locality, formation, and reference information for all Steptoean outcrops in North America.

Table S3. Species occurrences and geographic coordinates.

Table S4. Paleolatitudinal estimates and statistics for each mean pole position estimate.

Table S5. Results from test for statistical significance between allometric trajetories estimated from different collections belonging to the same species.

Table S6. Results from the λ test for phylogenetic signal.

Table S7. Blomberg's K metric for phylogenetic signal.

Table S8. Results from phylogenetic least squares analysis.

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