Appendix S1. Comparison of morphological databases.

Table S1. Disparity (D) and number of species (n) used in the regression analyses.

Figure S1. Comparison of Disparity calculated from Chakrabarty and FishBase datasets.

Table S2. Scaled variance and standard errors.

Table S3. Comparison of Chakrabarty data with simulation results.

Table S4. Disparity using Procrustes distances between each specimen and the tribe mean and corresponding scaled variance and standard error.

Table S5. Rate comparisons using the Chakrabarty data.

Appendix S2. Pairwise Min--Max model variation.

Table S6. Rate comparisons for the pairwise Min--Max model.

Appendix S3. Time-dependent morphological evolution.

Table S7. Time-dependent Min--Max model rate comparisons.

Appendix S4. Comparison of simulated variance to empirical total multivariate variance.

Table S8. Comparison of morphological change rates.

Table S9. Comparison of turnover rates.

Appendix S5. Tests of the effects of sample size on variance.

Table S10. Effects of sample size on disparity.

Appendix S6. Same age analysis: A test of the relative importance of age and stochastic variation.

Table S11. Same age analysis: Comparison of rates of morphological change.

Table S12. Same age analysis: Comparison of turnover rates.

Appendix S7. Pure-birth results

Table S13. Morphological change rate comparisons from a pure-birth model.

Table S14. Turnover rate comparisons from a pure-birth model.

Appendix S8. Consistency of model variations.

Table S15. Values of r2 for comparisons of model variations.

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