Appendix S1. Microsoft Excel file of data.

Appendix S2. Phylogenetic tree used for analysis.

Appendix S3. General description.

Appendix S4. Earlier phylogenetic tree.

Table S1. Univariate phylogenetic statistics on a star phylogeny with no hierarchical structure and with four different types of arbitrary branch lengths with the best fit evolutionary model in bold.

Table S2. Slopes from univariate regressions of log10 snout-vent length (SVL) on latitude and five climatic indicators (see Data Collection in Methods) using conventional statistics and phylogenetic statistics with either constant branch lengths, Nee's arbitrary branch lengths, or Nee's branch lengths under an Ornstein--Uhlenbeck model of residual trait evolution (RegOU).

Table S3. Multiple regressions examining the effects of log10 SVL, latitude, and five climatic indicators (see Data Collection in Methods) on log10 dorsal scale counts under four models of evolution, with dummy variables for two possible ``outlier'' or ``influential'' species included in the models.

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