Figure S1. (A) Temperature variation over a 24-h period for groups exposed to 15°C (Control) and 10°C (Hardened) for 2 h daily.

Table S1. Results of a generalized linear model (GLZ) analysis (performed in SAS) on survival of adult Ceratitis capitata following RCH events (1, 5, and 11) and exposure to --5°C for 1-h post treatment, as determined 24 h after having been returned to 25°C.

Table S2. (A) Results of a general linear model (GLM) analysis of the effects of RCH events, and treatment group (Control vs. Hardened) on metabolic rate (mlCO2/h) and (B) Results of mass-adjusted metabolic rate analysis using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) to assess the effects of RCH events, treatment group (Control vs. Hardened), and mass on metabolic rate (mlCO2/h) in adult C. capitata.

Table S3. Results of a GLZ type 3 analyses of the effects of RCH events and treatment on mortality (dead n/total n) and fecundity (number of pupae and larvae produced) of C. capitata adults after 11 RCH events.

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