Figure S1. (A) Anolis skull centroid size summarized by ecomorph.

Figure S2. We investigated patterns of skull evolution among Anolis ecomorphs in a phylogenetic context using maximum likelihood to estimate ancestral trait values for the first two PCs under a Brownian motion model of continuous trait evolution.

Figure S3. Phylomorphospace of Anolis skull shape.

Figure S4. Example of morphometric analysis on a phylogenetically subsampled dataset.

Table S1. Interspecific correlations.

Appendix S1: Additional methods and figures from analyses of skull shape diversity.

Appendix S2: Centroid size and shape scores for 106 Anolis species.

Appendix S3: Maximum likelihood reconstructions of PCs 1-4.

Appendix S4: Additional methods and figures from analyses of morphological integration.

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