Figure S1. Relationship between premating isolation and genetic distance (Nei's D) in phylogenetically corrected (A) 26 allopatric species pairs and (B) 70 sympatric species pairs.

Figure S2. Relationship between premating isolation and average cost of hybridization across sympatric species pairs.

Table S1. Species pairs with complete prezygotic and postzygotic isolation indexes for both reciprocal matings.

Table S2. Details of Table 1 (Concordant and discordant asymmetries in premating and postzygotic isolation between reciprocal matings of allopatric and sympatric species pairs).

Table S3. Phylogenetically corrected data in Table 1.

Table S4. Sympatric species pairs with postzygotic isolation asymmetry but no premating isolation asymmetry.

Table S5. Sympatric species pairs with infered asymmetrical cost of hybridization based on their differences in relative population sizes.

Table S6. A comprehensive list of phylogenetic cases where the level of premating isolation can be assessed between allopatric and sympatric sister species pairs.

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