Figure S1. (A) Host cost space (cH,I cH,G, relative to the fitness loss to the host of successful infection, αH), showing the conditions under which host genotypes interacting with pathogen genotype VIAG can be invaded by other host genotypes (Table 2).

Figure S2. Effect of recombination on host and pathogen genotype frequencies from Region Bii of Fig 4.

Figure S3. As in Fig S2, but from Region Biv of Fig 4.

Figure S4. Coevolutionary host and parasite trajectories of the multi-locus, where cH,I &equals; 0.5, cP,I &equals; 0.1 and cP,G &equals; 0.3. (A) host GFG costs > IGFG costs (cH,G &equals; 1), (B) host GFG costs &equals; IGFG costs cH,G &equals; 0.5, (C) host GFG costs < IGFG costs cH,G &equals; 0.1.

Figure S5. Composite figures showing outcome of differential host resistance across the IGFG and GFG stages (σI ≠ σG).

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