Text S1. Additional analysis of the coevolutionary model and framework.

Table S1. Values of viral mutation rate, μ, affect the ability of viral mutants to appear before dying out as well as the length of time required to run simulations.

Figure S1. Many host and viral strains exist in the population but most have low abundance.

Figure S2. Histogram of host and viral lifetimes.

Figure S3. Dynamics of individual host strains change rapidly.

Figure S4. New protospacers are rarely incorporated as spacers into hosts.

Figure S5. Birth times of host and viral strains.

Figure S6. Detailed simulation protocol.

Figure S7. Strain mutation rates do not change significantly between sampling time points.

Figure S8. The effect of spacer and protospacer numbers on the dynamics.

Figure S9. The effect of spacer and protospacer numbers on relative immunity.

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