Table S1. Quality control information for each subsample separately (QC 1) as well as for the combined sample (QC2).

Table S2. Additional removal of SNPs for Runs of Homozygosity analysis.

Table S3. Parameters used for the PLINK -runs of homozygosity analysis based on recommendations from Howrigan et al. (2011).

Table S4. Means (and standard deviations) of the four personality scales per subsample.

Table S5. Phenotypic correlations between personality scales (N = 12,749 -- 12,776).

Table S6. Estimates of variance accounted for in each personality scale from a genetic similarity matrix based on all autosomal SNPs. Results from different models are presented.

Table S7. Descriptive statistics for inbreeding coefficients (number of runs of homozygosity, proportion of genome in runs of homozygosity, and &Fcaron;III).

Table S8. Correlations between inbreeding coefficients (runs of homozygosity and &Fcaron;III) and Cloninger's personality scores for overall sample and individual subsamples, as well as corresponding regression coefficients (personality standardised and inbreeding coefficients as a proportion between 0 and 1).

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