Table S1. List of specimens studied.

Table S2. Landmark definitions.

Table S3. Univariate statistics for linear measurements.

Table S4. Confidence intervals for the phenotypic correlations.

Table S5. Unstandardized phenotypic vector comparisons using SpaceAngle.

Table S6. Ninety-fifth percentiles for phenotypic vector angles from SpaceAngle analysis.

Table S7. Confidence intervals for phenotypic vector angles and magnitudes from R analysis.

Figure S1. PC1/PC2 plot of all individuals, in the unstandardized aggregate morphospace.

Figure S2. PC1/PC2 plot of all individuals in the aggregate morphospace after standardizing for centroid size and sex.

Figure S3. Presbytis rubicunda differs in its pattern of sexual dimorphism.

Appendix S1. R script for calculating phenotypic vectors in a common morphospace.

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