Figure S1. Amino acid diversity in FuHC as calculated by the program DIVAA (Rodi et al. 2004) for (a) Exons 1--14 and (b) Exons 18--29/31.

Figure S2. Recombination (ρ) across (a) Exons 1--14 and (b) Exons 18--29/31 of FuHC for the Monterey, CA, population.

Figure S3. Values of the selection statistic from omegaMap 0.5 across (a) Exons 1--14 and (b) Exons 18--29/31 of FuHC for the Monterey, CA, population.

Figure S4. Distribution across FuHC (a) Exons 1--14 and (b) Exons 18--29/31 of the 24 codons that have > 95% probability of the selection statistic > 1 and are present in at least three of the six populations.

Table S1. Summary statistics for FuHC and 12 housekeeping genes.

Table S2. Values of Tajima's D statistics and associated 95% confidence intervals for all housekeeping genes, asterisks denote statistical significance at α = 0.05.

Table S3. AMOVA, fixation indices, and pairwise FST values for all housekeeping genes.

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