Appendix S1. The effect of alterative cost functions on the evolutionary outcomes.

Appendix S2. A comparison of assortative interactions with Gaussian versus Logistic forms.

Appendix S3. Analysis of the adaptive dynamics.

Appendix S4. Sensitivity to the pollination probability by a single pollen grain.

Appendix S5. Sensitivity to the parameters in the benefit function.

Appendix S6. The effect of the mutation rate and variance on the evolutionary branching.

Appendix S7. A simulation of coevolution in sexual populations.

Appendix S8. Experimental observations of the trait lengths in the fly-flower pollination system.

Appendix S9. Multi equilibria in the fly-flower coevolution without assortative interactions.

Appendix S10. Analysis of a one-sided selection model (the pollinator shift hypothesis).

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