Table S1. Wing data obtained.

Table S2. Means for all variables in each data partition. See attached file "Table S2 MAmeans.csv."

Table S3. Coefficients of covariance relationships between genotypes.

Table S4. MANOVA testing for control and MA differences within the 1998 experiment.

Table S5. Likelihood ratio tests of the best-fitting nonsegregational model by the AICC criterion, relative to the next simplest model.

Table S6. Likelihood ratio tests of the best-fitting homozygous model by the AICC criterion, relative to similar models. Likelihoods should increase with number of parameters, but more complex models often returned lower likelihoods. The P values for these cases are denoted "NA" as no likelihood ratio test could be performed in those cases.

Table S7. Estimated mutational and residual variance-covariance matrices. Table is in separate file 'Table S7 All M R matrices.csv'

Table S8. Scalar evolvability measures calculated on the first 7 dimensions of each M matrix. Measures are evolvability, e, conditional evolvability, c, autonomy, a, and respondability, r, defined in Hansen and Houle (2008).

Table S9. Average dominance of mutations.

Figure S1. Multidimensional scaling of the distance matrix among the unstandardized M matrices. Distances calculated in the subspace defined by the first 5 eigenvectors of the pooled genotype and sex M matrix. The six points to the upper left are from genotype IVe-39, those to the lower right are from IVe-33, whereas the six intermediate points are for the pooled genotype estimates.

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