Chronic Smoking and Emotionality1


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    I would like to express my thanks to Drs. Miriam Zellner and Bonnie Markham for their help in providing Ss for this study, and to Drs. Frank Stech, Melvin Jaffa, and Charles McClintock for their critical reading of the manuscript.

Requests for reprints should be sent t o Dr. Paul D. Nesbitt, Department of Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 931 06.


Self-report data were gathered on the chronic emotionality of smokers and nonsmokers in a number of samples. The results were discussed relative to the literature on sociopathy and recent studies that found smokers to be more emotional than nonsmokers. It was argued that an S's own emotional feelings must be distinguished from the behavioral observations of others, and that the smoking habit might well lead to a generally lowered level of felt emotionality.