Job Satisfaction and Nonwork Satisfaction as Components of Life Satisfaction1


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    The data utilized in this study were made available by the ISR Social Science Archive. The data for the Quality of American Life Survey were origi nally collected by Angus Campbell, Philip E. Converse, and Willard L. Rodgers; the data for Social Indicators of Well-Being in America were collected by Frank M. Andrews and Stephen B. Withey and certain of their colleagues at the Survey Research Center, Institute of Social Research, The University of Michigan. Neither the original collectors of the data nor the Archive bears any responsibility for the analyses or interpretations presented here. This research was supported by Indiana University School of Business Grants to Janet P. Near and C. Ann Smith. We wish to thank Jean Hamakawa, Andrea Siegel, and Brandon Taylor for their help with statistical analyses presented in this paper.

Requests for reprints should be sent to Dr. Janet P. Near, Administrative and Behavioral Studies, Indiana University, School of Business, Bloomington, IN 47405.


The relationship between job satisfaction and life satisfaction is examined, using regression analyses which control the effects of satisfaction with domains other than the job and conditions associated with the workplace and with life away from work. Results from data analyses of two independent sets of survey data are used to elaborate and refine a multivariate framework for relating overall life satisfaction and job satisfaction.