Parental Leave of Absence: Some Not So Family-Friendly Implications1


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    Portions of this paper were previously presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 1995. The authors thank Mark Poteet and two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments.

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This experiment examined the effects of ratee gender, type of leave of absence, and level of performance on perceptions of organizational commitment, work commitment, family commitment, and recommendations for organizational rewards. The proposed 3-way interactions between gender, type of leave of absence, and performance level were not supported; however, main effects and 2-way interactions were revealed. Moreover, perceived organizational commitment and work commitment were found to moderate the relationship between performance level and reward recommendations. The findings also indicated that men who were depicted as taking a leave of absence from work for parental reasons were less likely to be recommended for rewards than were males who had not taken a leave of absence.