Influence of Positive and Negative Film Portrayals of Drinking on Older Adolescents' Alcohol Outcome Expectancies


Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to H. Rosenberg, Department of Psychology. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, OH 43403.


College students (76 females. 32 males) were shown videotaped clips from popular films depicting either (a) desirable outcomes of drinking distilled spirits, (b) undesirable outcomes of drinking distilled spirits, or (c) no portrayals of distilled spirits. After presenting the film clips, we assessed their alcohol outcome expectancies and intentions to drink alcoholic beverages in the next week Participants in the positive film condition endorsed more positive expectancies than did participants in the control condition, and participants in the positive and negative film conditions endorsed more negative expectancies than did the participants in the control condition. Intentions to drink distilled spirits in the next week did not differ by film condition.