Incremental Validity of Time Urgency and Other Type A Subcomponents in Predicting Behavioral and Health Criteria1


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    We would like to express our appreciation to Keith Hattrup for statistical advice and Kari Naimon for helpful comments on an earlier version of this article.

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Although previous studies have revealed relationships between Type A behavior pattern (TABP) measures and behavioral indexes of time urgency, such studies utilized global TABP measures that have been criticized for their lack of construct validity. The present study linked recently developed measures of time urgency and other TABP subcomponents (e. g., impatience-irritability) to observable temporal behaviors and health outcomes. In a sample of 194 undergraduate students, the results indicated that the TABP subcomponents provided incremental validity above the contribution of the global TABP measure in predicting behavioral and health criteria. Applied implications and future directions for research on time urgency and other TABP subcomponents are discussed.