Work-Group Membership (In)Stability and Survivors' Reactions to Organizational Downsizing1


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    This research project was supported by grant number 410-98-0494 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


This longitudinal panel study investigated the interactive effect of work-group membership stability and time on survivors' reactions to organizational downsizing. The participants were 159 nonmanagement employees of a federal government department. Survivors in moderate-change work groups did not react more negatively to the downsizing. In fact, they reported a significant increase in job satisfaction, job security, job performance, and employee morale. Survivors who changed to different work groups expressed the least positive attitudes in the initial phase of the downsizing, but the most positive attitudes at the completion of the downsizing. Work-group membership (in)stability was more likely to affect survivors' reactions to various aspects of their job over time than factors related to the work group itself.