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Similarity in Gender and Self-Esteem for Supportive Peer Relationships: The Mediating Role of Cooperative Goals1


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    The authors thank their research assistants from Sichuan University for their assistance in conducting this study. They also appreciate the financial support awarded to the second author by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Grant Project #A-PF43.

Dr. Nancy Chen Yifeng, Room 315, Department of Management, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. E-mail: E-mail:


The present study investigated whether cooperative goals mediate the relationship between similarity in gender and self-esteem and social support and relationship quality in ongoing peer dyads. Based on data collected from 209 student dyads, the findings largely support the mediating role of cooperative goals. However, the study found that gender similarity was positively related while self-esteem similarity was negatively related to cooperative goals and relationship quality of peer dyad members.

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