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The Media and Violent Behavior in Young People: Effects of the Media on Antisocial Aggressive Behavior in a Spanish Sample1


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    Preparation of this article was supported in part by Caixa Galicia Studies Grant 2002 that was awarded to the second author.

Miguel Clemente, Universidad de La Coruña, Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, Departmento de Psicología, 15076, La Coruña, Spain. E-mail:


This study discusses the relation between television, computer games, and the Internet and antisocial aggressive behavior in under-18s. Given that the media are an important source of socialization for children, this research examines which variables in media exposure lead to antisocial behavior in under-18s. A sample of 93 participants (male and female), aged 13–18, answered an antisocial behavior inventory and a survey on computer gaming and TV viewing. Results show gender differences in the relation between media use and preference for violent media and direct and indirect aggressive behaviors. These findings support the idea that lack of interaction and role taking leads to deprived socialization and, in turn, to antisocial behavior.