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The Relationship Between Emotional Resources and Emotional Labor: An Exploratory Study


Yongmei Liu, Department of Management, College of Business, University of Texas at Arlington, UTA P.O. Box 19467, Arlington, TX 76019. E-mail:


The study examines the effects of a subtype of personal resources (i.e., emotional resources) on emotional labor strategies. We examined 2 variables, emotional intelligence and negative affectivity, as proxies for emotional resources. Largely consistent with predictions, results indicated that individuals with a high level of emotional resources (indicated by high emotional intelligence) are more likely than others to deep act, and individuals with comparatively low emotional resources (indicated by high negative affectivity) are more likely than others to surface act. The differential effects of surface acting and deep acting on strain and job satisfaction were examined. Depressed mood was found to mediate the relationship between surface acting and job satisfaction.