Rater Effects and Attitudinal Barriers Affecting People With Disabilities in Personnel Selection1


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    This paper was presented as a part of a symposium at the 20th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Los Angeles, CA, April 2005.

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This study assessed potential barriers of the employment of individuals with disabilities. Participants reviewed the interview notes and résumé of a simulated applicant with a disability, along with the job description for a simulated position. Hiring ratings were assigned, followed by a series of measures assessing personality and attitudes toward people with disabilities. Results indicate that variance in both hiring ratings and attitudes differed as a function of individual differences in raters, suggesting that individual differences not only affect attitudes toward individuals with disabilities, but also impact subsequent hiring recommendations. Findings can be used by human resource professionals to eliminate attitudinal barriers in employment of applicants with disabilities, as well as stress the diversification of selection committees.