The Role of Attitudes in Reactions Toward Diversity in Workgroups


  • This paper is based in part on a dissertation by the first author under the supervision of the second author. The authors thank Leigh Paulus Lehenbauer for her assistance with psychometric procedures. Dr. Nakui passed away unexpectedly on May 21, 2011.

Paul Paulus, Department of Psychology, Box 19528, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019. E-mail:


The present study examined attitudes toward diversity as a moderator of outcomes of diversity in workgroups. Two studies were conducted that focused on the development of the Attitudes Toward Diverse Workgroups Scale (ADWS) and on the impact of diversity attitudes on task performance and psychological reactions in actual face-to-face diverse brainstorming groups. The first study supported the internal consistency and stability of the ADWS and revealed that it was related, in the predicted way, to the Big Five and general prejudice. The second study revealed that high scores on the productive and affective dimensions of the ADWS enhanced brainstorming performance (quality of ideas) in actual diverse groups and positive psychological reactions to the group experiences, respectively.