A Four-Country Study of the Relationship of Affect-Based Trust to Turnover Intention


Robert D. Costigan, Department of Management, St. John Fisher College, 3690 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618. E-mail: rcostigan@sjfc.edu


In this study, employees' affect-based trust of their supervisor was used as the main predictor of turnover intention. It is hypothesized that affect-based trust has a curvilinear U-shaped relationship with turnover intention. The sample consisted of U.S., Polish, Russian, and Turkish participants, all with work experience. Regression results indicated that only the responses of the Russian sample supported the hypothesis, suggesting that Russian participants with either weak or strong affect-based trust of the supervisor had higher intentions to the leave the organization. The Turkish, Polish, and U.S. results showed a negative linear relationship between affect-based trust and turnover intention.