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Academic attitudes and their antecedents


  • Author Note Debra Steele-Johnson, Department of Psychology, Wright State University; Anupama Narayan, Department of Psychology, University of Tulsa; Julie Steinke, Department of Psychology, Wright State University. Portions of these data were presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, GA, April 2010.

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In today's competitive workplace, individuals who are best prepared will have the greatest chance of obtaining and retaining jobs. Students can better prepare by developing the maximum possible knowledge and skills during their college educations. Research has shown that attitudes and perceptual variables have significant effects on development activity in organizations. We extend that research by using structural equations modeling to examine influences on attitudes toward one's college education. We posited that Big Five personality factors influence personal growth, readiness to change, and the perceived instrumentality of a university education and that these factors influence attitudes toward education. Results supported the posited model. A better understanding of antecedents of attitudes can enhance educational intervention effectiveness.