Naval Architecture and Noah's Ark


  • J. D. Ertner

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      Jim Ertner is the LPD Program Manager at the Boston Planning Yard (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Detachment Boston), having previously spent seven years as the Engineering Manager of the AEGIS Destroyer Planning Yard at Bath Iron Works and, before that, 20 years as an Engineering Duty officer in the U.S. Navy (including various naval architecture, engineering, design, and project management positions at SUPSHIP Newport News, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Canada's National Defense Headquarters, SUPSHIP Bath, and SUPSHIP Boston). He has presented two papers at previous ASNE Days, namely, “A Comparison of Naval Ship Design and Acquisition Procedures in the U.S. and Canada” (1984) and “Post-Tensioned Reinforced Concrete as Applied to Ship Design and Construction” (1977). In addition to ASNE, he is also a Life Member of SNAME. He has received the two degrees of ocean engineer and M.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering from M.I.T.