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Reduction of Amphibious Vehicle Resistance and Bow Swamping by Fitting a Wave Cancellation Bow Plate



Amphibious vehicles and other blunt-shaped floating vehicles encounter the problem of a large bow wave forming at high speeds. This wave formation is accompanied by higher resistance and at a critical speed results in bow submergence or swamping. A 1/4 scale model of a tracked amphibious vehicle was tested at speeds corresponding to 3–7 km/h full scale to investigate the phenomena. The experiment showed that at speeds of 5–6 km/h, there is a significant increase in the trim by the bow. The vehicle's “breakwater” plate was able to break up this wave and avoid swamping. Comparative tests with the vehicle fitted with the wave cancellation bow plate showed that this bow plate reduced the bow wave formation and achieved a 10% reduction in the towing resistance. The wave cancellation bow plate can reduce the vehicle's power and extend its amphibious operating range or increase its amphibious speed.