Challenges to the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Treatment, and Management of Clustered Cardiometabolic Risk Factors


  • George Bakris MD,

  • Vivian Fonseca MD,

  • JoAnne Foody MD


A panel was convened on January 10, 2007, to discuss the challenges to the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and management of clustered cardiometabolic risk factors. George Bakris, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, moderated the panel. Vivian Fonseca, MD, Tulane University Health Science Center, New Orleans, LA, and JoAnne Foody, MD, Harvard School of Medicine, Boston, MA, participated in the discussion. This expert panel discussion was supported by and each author received an honorarium from Merck & Co, Inc, and Sanofi-Aventis for time and effort spent participating in the discussion and reviewing the transcript for important intellectual content before publication. The authors maintained full control of the discussion and the resulting content of this article.