Renewing Ethnographic Theory



The place of theory in ethnographic practice is to reflect, puzzle, re-think, and guide research practices from a ‘meta’ perspective.

Consequently, for EPIC 2012 our contributors have sought to renew ethnographic theory by questioning some fundamentals that often “go without saying” (even for a community as circumspect as ours). Thus, the role of Time, Endings, Facts, and Functions all come under scrutiny, as well as how our very “ways of world making” hinge on the categories implicit within our disciplinary commitments.

But, unless such reflective (and reflexive) concerns get reapplied in practice, there is no PRAXIS (to refine, or transform, what is done towards ‘the next level’). However, as the concerns of these authors all stem from ‘real’ conundrums or opportunities in their own research (and since they have already sweated much of the theoretical labor for us) hearing what they say should enable you to achieve PRAXIS in your own work.

So the invitation is open – apply this thinking and learning to realize how engaging with ethnographic theory entails enriching your practice of ethnography.