• yeast;
  • ethanol stress;
  • osmotic stress;
  • yeast deletion collection


We quantified the growth behavior of all available single gene deletion strains of budding yeast under ethanol stress. Genome-wide analyses enabled the extraction of the genes and determination of the functional categories required for growth under this condition. Statistical analyses revealed that the growth of 446 deletion strains under stress induced by 8% ethanol was defective. We classified these deleted genes into known functional categories, and found that many were important for growth under ethanol stress including several categories that have not been characterized, such as peroxisome. We also performed genome-wide screening under osmotic stress and identified 329 osmotic-sensitive strains. We excluded these strains from the 446 ethanol-sensitive strains to extract the genes whose deletion caused sensitivity to ethanol-specific (359 genes), osmotic-specific (242 genes), and both stresses (87 genes). We also extracted the functional categories that are specifically important for growth under ethanol stress. The genes and functional categories identified in the analysis might provide clues to improving ethanol stress tolerance among yeast cells.