The suitability of some natural and artificial substrates as oviposition sites for the insidious flower bug, Orius insidiosus



A variety of natural and artificial substrates were tested for their suitability as oviposition sites for the predatory anthocorid bug Orius insidiosus. The bugs oviposited into models of beans constructed from Parafilm, but none of the eggs laid into these models hatched. In choice tests, beans stems were preferred to both bean pods and potato sprouts. Hatching rates at 100% r.h. were highest (59%) for bean pods and significantly lower for both potato sprouts (39%) and bean stems (29%). At 60% r.h., hatching rates for bean pods (39%), bean stems (34%) and potato sprouts (33%) were similar. At 30% r.h. hatching rates for all three substrates were less than 15%. The results suggest that bean stems can be used successfully as an alternative to bean pods for the mass rearing of these biological control agents.