eea1297-sup-0001-fig1.docxWord document2266KFigure S1. The ‘leaf holder’ device. (A) Leaf holder, diagrammatic. (B) Leaf holder secured to the abaxial side of a faba bean leaf with strips of Parafilm®; a 12.7-μm-diameter gold wire connects the aphid to the copper wire of the leaf holder. (C) Same as (B) except a thin sheet of plastic (cut from a polystyrene weighing dish) with an elongate rectangular opening is placed between the leaf and the leaf holder; the elongate opening is aligned with a major vein on the leaf facilitating the aphid to settle on that vein. (D) Leaf holder, leaf, and aphid with abaxial side of leaf facing down during an EPG recording; a nail protruding from the input of the EPG head stage amplifier is held in contact with the copper wire of the leaf holder.

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