Taking Stock: An Analysis of Negotiation Pedagogy across Four Professional Fields


  • Ron S. Fortgang

    1. Ron S. Fortgang is a Negotiation Roundtable Fellow at the Harvard Business School, Soldiers Field Road, Boston, Mass. 02163. He teaches negotiation to managers and graduate students in the U.S. and abroad, as well as conducts negotiation advisory work with the firm Lax Sebenius, LLC. His email address is: rfortgang@hbs.edu.
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This essay analyzes the results of an informal, though extensive, interviewbased survey of how negotiation is taught in four distinct fields - law, business, public policy and planning, and international relations. Beyond their similarities, the author points out key underlying differences among the four areas; suggests ways in which insights might be transferred from one context to another, and speculates on some ideas that lie on the borizon for negotiation courses in the decade abead.