• Q12;
  • O33;
  • C41;
  • C11
  • Time to organic certification;
  • Adoption;
  • Duration;
  • Avocados;
  • Michoacán Mexico;
  • Specification search;
  • Model selection;
  • Robust posterior prediction


This study analyzes organic adoption decisions using a rich set of time-to-organic durations collected from avocado small-holders in Michoacán Mexico. We derive robust, intrasample predictions about the profiles of entry and exit within the conventional-versus-organic complex and we explore the sensitivity of these predictions to choice of functional form. The dynamic nature of the sample allows us to make retrospective predictions and we establish, precisely, the profile of organic entry had the respondents been availed optimal amounts of adoption-restraining resources. A fundamental problem in the dynamic adoption literature, hitherto unrecognized, is discussed and consequent extensions are suggested.