fem1221-sup-0001-figS1.pdfapplication/PDF90KFig. S1. Methane hydrate layer observed in the core at 85–89 cm depth.
fem1221-sup-0002-figS2.pdfapplication/PDF79KFig. S2. Rarefaction analysis of bacterial community of the water sample.
fem1221-sup-0003-figS3.pdfapplication/PDF77KFig. S3. Fluorescent miscroscopy analysis of the microbial community reseiding in a subsurface sediment sample.
fem1221-sup-0004-tableS1.pdfapplication/PDF44KTable S1. Diversity of microbial communities.
fem1221-sup-0005-tableS2.pdfapplication/PDF98KTable S2. Taxonomic compositions of the communities.
fem1221-sup-0006-tableS3.pdfapplication/PDF109KTable S3. Distribution of environmental clones, similar to representatives of some archaeal and bacterial lineages identified in this study.
fem1221-sup-0007-tableS4.pdfapplication/PDF97KTable S4. 16S rRNA and mcrA gene sequences used for construction of phylogenetic trees.

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