fem1349-sup-0001-figs1.docxWord document1392KFig. S1. DGGE gels of PCR fragments amplified with MCP primers for analysis of EhV diversity.
fem1349-sup-0002-figs2.docxWord document14KFig. S2. Multiple sequence alignment of the EhV-MCP fragments produced in this study (ehvOTUs).
fem1349-sup-0003-figs3.docxWord document16KFig. S3. Clustal alignment of fragments within the partial E. huxleyi GPA-sequences obtained from excised DGGE bands from this study (‘ehuxOTUs’) (Table 1), from two mesocosm studies (‘ehuxOTUs') (Table S2) and from isolates in culture (Schroeder et al., 2005).
fem1349-sup-0004-tables1.docxWord document19KTable S1. Primers used to assess host (GPA prefix) and viral (MCP prefix) diversity.
fem1349-sup-0005-tables2.docxWord document17KTable S2. List of E. huxleyi and EhV genotypes from mesocosm studies in a Norwegian fjord and GenBank references for their sequence data (Martínez Martínez et al., 2007).

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