Prevalence of Campylobacter spp. in turkey meat from a slaughterhouse and in turkey meat retail products


  • Editor: George Mendz

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One hundred and forty-four samples of chilled turkey meat from six flocks, taken directly from the slaughterhouse, and 100 samples of turkey meat retail products were examined. Over one-quarter (29.2%) of the tested samples from the slaughterhouse were Campylobacter positive, showing high variability in the flocks. The lowest percentage of Campylobacter-positive samples was found in flocks I and III (8.3%), whereas, in flock VI, 91.7% of the samples were Campylobacter positive. Turkey meat retail products showed a prevalence of 34% for Campylobacter. Heat-treated meat was negative for Campylobacter. Quantitative studies of the samples taken at the slaughterhouse revealed a mean log range of 1.9–2.5 CFU g−1Campylobacter spp. Results from the quantification of retail products gave a mean log value of 2.1 CFU g−1.