• Arthrobacter radiotolerans;
  • Rubrobacter radiotolerans;
  • Taxonomy;
  • Lipid;
  • Peptidoglycan;
  • DNA

Abstract The chemotaxonomic characteristics of Arthrobacter radiotolerans were investigated. The species possesses a peptidoglycan based on l-lysine (variation A3α) and a DNA base composition of 67.9 mol% G + C. The cellular fatty acids were primarily of the methyl branched types with 12-methyl-hexadecanoic acid as the predominant component. The major isoprenoid quinone was menaquinone with eight isoprene units and the polar lipids consisted of four phospholipids, one phosphoglycolipid and one glycolipid. On the basis of chemical characteristics it is suggested that Arthrobacter radiotolerans be reclassified in a new genus Rubrobacter, as Rubrobacter radiotolerans comb. nov.