Purification and some properties of thiosulphate-cleaving enzyme from Thiobacillus novellus


T. Yamanaka, Department of Life Science, Faculty of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, O-okayama Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152, Japan.


Abstract A thiosulphate-cleaving enzyme was purified from Thiobacillus novellus and some of its properties studied. The enzyme showed an absorption peak at 279 nm and no peaks between 300 and 650 nm. Its Mr was 38 000. Although the crude enzyme cleaved thiosulphate to form sulphite without addition of cyanide, the purified enzyme required cyanide to cleave thiosulphate. The Km values for thiosulphate and cyanide of the purified enzyme were 1.0 mM and 0.3 mM, respectively. One mol of the enzyme formed 10 mol of thiocyanate per s from thiosulphate and cyanide. The thiosulphate-cleaving activity of the enzyme was strongly inhibited by cysteine, while β-mercapto-ethanol was less inhibitory. The factor which accepted sulphur from thiosulphate in the crude preparation of thiosulphate-cleaving enzyme seemed to be a relatively labile compound with an Mr of 10 000×20 000.