Natural abundance 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic analysis of acyclic polyol and trehalose accumulation by several yeast species in response to salt stress


G.M. Gadd, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee, DD1 4HN, U.K.


Abstract: Analysis of seventeen yeast strains by 13C-NMR spectroscopy has confirmed the significance of glycerol as the sole osmoregulatory solute under salt-stressed conditions, and has shown arabitol to be present in most of the osmotolerant species. Ribitol was detected in some species, including Debaryomyces hansenii, although ribitol accumulation did not correlate with the osmotic pressure of the medium. Relative amounts of arabitol and ribitol decreased in relation to glycerol when the external osmotic pressure was increased. Trehalose was present during exponential growth of some species.