• Galacturonic acid transport;
  • Pectate lyase;
  • exuT;
  • Erwinia chrysanthemi

Abstract A 3.4 kb fragment of Erwinia chrysanthemi EC16 DNA capable of complementing galacturonic acid uptake mutants (exuT) was identified and cloned into a multicopy vector. In E. chrysanthemi B374 exuT mutants, the cloned DNA provided for growth of the mutant strains on galacturonic acid by complementing the galacturonic acid uptake defect. Alkaline phosphatase (phoA) gene fusions with the cloned DNA suggested that most of the cloned DNA was necessary for complementation of exuT mutant strains. Using anti-alkaline phosphatase antibody, a hybrid ExuT-PhoA protein was localized to the membrane fraction of the bacterium.